Golf Course Accident


Golf courses are good places to take it easy and enjoy the outdoors and friendly competition with friends. There are times when a reckless player, defective golf course maintenance, or an unsafe path can cause injury.

If a reckless driver causes a golf cart accident, an injured passenger can be compensated by the driver’s homeowner insurance policy. Other golfers who are hit by the cart can also file a claim for negligent driving.

Did a golfer fail to yell “fore” to warn others on the course? If you were hit and seriously injured by a golf ball, talk to an Utah personal injury attorney about compensation for a golf ball head injury.

If a defective sprinkler system flooded a path causing a slippery hazard, an injured golfer may have a premises liability case against a negligent landscaper. A dangerous path or a poorly maintained landscape can cause injury. If it does, call us, tell us about your golf course accident, and we will explain your options.