Ski Accident


In Utah, we have our beautiful natural environment that offers many outdoor recreational opportunities. Skiing, biking, and other sports can be highly enjoyable but accidents can and do happen. The victims of sport injuries face weeks or months of recovery time.

Utah is a popular winter sport destination for individuals and families from all over the United States and the world. With the large number of tourists visiting Utah for skiing and other outdoor winter activities, the number of injuries that occur on Utah’s slopes is unfortunately high

The ski lifts, snowmobiles and other machinery that are used to operate and maintain a ski area can be extremely dangerous if they are improperly operated or are defective. We handle cases in which chair lifts malfunctioned, where the lifts were improperly operated, and where people were injured by another piece of equipment such as a snowmobile or snow-grooming machine. When snowmobiles and grooming machines are traveling “upstream”—in the opposite direction of the flow of the skiers—they can be very dangerous. If the individual operator of these machines or lifts was an employee of the resort/ski area, the resort itself is legally responsible for the careless actions of it employees.