Slip and Fall

Apart from the massive number of car accidents happening in Utah every year, ‘Slip and Fall’ claims come in second as per number of cases.  Oil, ice, water and various other substances often make up foreign debris on surfaces and cause critical injuries.  The other venues where these cases commonly occur are grocery stores, parking lots, malls, valets, places with lot of footfall and restaurants.

As for residential claims and problems, sprinklers and water cause the most accidents. In areas where temperatures freeze, sprinklers typically overspray and create hazards on driveways and sidewalks. Rotator cuff tears and broken ankles are common injuries in these cases. All these can certainly lead to good personal injury cases.

But for your case to be successful, it is imperative to bring in the right experts on board. They need to be specialists in building code violations and it also helps if they have professional engineering experience so that they may prove the floor to be unreasonably slippery.

The first most important thing for a victim seeking compensation is to understand whether or not they have a good case. Here is some sound advice to determine if your slip and fall case is good: view the following scenarios and know that related accidents will probably not qualify as good cases:

  • Shower
  • Wet Marble Floor
  • Spa Slips
  • House Keeping Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Falls